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London Real Reviews

London Real actively suppress negative reviews of their various products and services. Below are reviews of London Real products and services left in various locations on the internet. Each review has a link to its original source.

Inner Circle | London Real - Student Lost $15,000 Testimonial

Please be advised: Emma’s testimonial reflects her own personal experience and opinions of London Real, Brian Rose, the business accelerator and the Inner Circle program. Please do your own due diligence and your own research and make up your own mind about London Real, Brian Rose, the business accelerator and the Inner Circle program.

To make a long story short, Emma lost $15,000 after taking part in the Business Accelerator Inner Circle Program by Brian Rose and London Real. Emma has repeatedly told me that she wants to make sure to spread her word and prevent what she says happened to her, from ever happening to anyone else again. Please listen to Emma’s story and do your own research afterwards.

Source: Tom Nash on Youtube

Not returning my call after I asked for refund.

Around a week ago I saw a webinar from the CEO of London Real Brian Rose. It was about a business online course, based on his advertisement I was encouraged to give my personal information to get contacted by their agent of the London Real Company The agent called me and I asked a variety of questions and I provided him my business idea and I asked him if my business idea is fit with the course or not? His name was David and he told me I’m fit with the course and everything is looking good. The day after My conversation with David (London Real Agent) I signed up for the course and I paid $3000 that was my unemployment benefit. As soon as Signed in I faced nonsense materials and I tried to talk with my Team Leader ( Kia). She told me, my business idea is different from what they are doing in the Bussiness Accelerated course and she told me that she needs to talk with someone else who called Christina. Kia never got back to me until I pushed her to do something about it. Finally, she came back to me and she admitted that the course is different from what I want to do. Since I lost my trust and I felt like wasting my time and money so that I asked for a refund. The day that I asked for a refund was less than a week from the beginning of the course. I sent an email to to address my issue. They replied that they don’t refund me, from here I don’t know what action I have to take to get my money back. They set up the website for scam and the bank refused to return my money. all their product is final sale and they never let you know about it until you made the payment. Since you made the payment they will stop making any conversation.

Source: karo7 on Scamguard

Not Refunding Me After I Cancelled Within Days

I paid one month’s instalment to London Real to joing their Business Accelerator Course. Within a few days I realised it was a very sub-standard course and cancelled. My cancellation was immediately accepted and I was removed from the course. They have refused to refund my money, with no reason. But they promise a no quibble, full refund guarantee.

Source: Heavenly1 on Scamguard

London Real Academy - Mis-sold -​

This company heavily invests in targeted You Tube Ads which is how I happened to stumble on a click bait LIVE Webinar Masterclass that I normally ignore and deflect. The CEO Brian Rose is a confident, intelligent business man, MIT Mechanical Engineering Grad, Ex-Wallstreet Derivatives Broker, with a YOY credible You-Tube Channel and steady track record of high profile guests. ALREADY I felt primed for the sale of his expensive LONDON REAL ACADEMY mentoring courses geared towards creating your own online business, turning your passion into a viable source of income with scalable potential. The course is described as an ‘Accelerator’ i.e. take you from £0 income and an idea to a tested business model generating income by the end. FIRSTLY I will discuss the Free webinar masterclass that was heavily advertised with (follow me) targeted You-Tube Ads. During the webinar the host BRIAN ROSE creates a masterpiece of a sales funnel that whets your appetite for his secret sauce recipe and know how of how he turned his You-Tube Podcast into a profitable niche business – I stayed the entire duration of the webinar as I am quite naturally skeptical of these courses. The fact that BRIAN ROSE had the perfect CV and credentials I thought it was worth the gamble – not to mention his Webinar was excellently presented and executed. HE IS CLEARLY AN AMAZING SALESMAN.

He was pitching for our trust to shell out £3000 for his accelerator courses whereby he re-stated time and time again “We leave no man behind and succeed together” (referring to the course candidates and mentors pulling out all the stops to get you to succeed and complete the course) He appealed to our hearts and minds, with a logical articulate speech on par with a Roman Emperor – I felt completely and utterly, charged, compelled by his ‘take action’ his offer by the time he was saying we could pay £300 non-refundable deposit to hold a space, we had about 24-48hrs to decide whether to commit and then pay remaining balance in full or instalments. I didnt know much about LONDON REAL but they looked like they had the skills to follow through with their promises.
Like I said Brian Rose’s speaking/influencing and salesmanship skills are top tier and reflected his credible CV and experience. I thought to myself, if he can pull off 50% of what he’s saying its just a no-brainer. I “Pulled the trigger” I decided to go all in.

The intake of the course exceeded 100 candidates, immediately I thought this guy is making mega bucks here with all these sales conversions. So, to start with we enter a private Facebook group where we have to create personal video logs for introductions and then concepts, mission statements, video diaries. I felt quite uncomfortable but cracked on as i was determined to commit to the programme.

We are put into teams and assigned Mentors (Previous graduates from the previous cycle), it was uncertain at this point who would be doing the lions share of mentoring that the whole premise of the course was sold upon. The mentors were friendly enough but the direct mentoring I personally received was non existent – more a case of “have you done the homework yet? No? Get it done” Amongst the team we were left to our own devices to self organise and support each other – it made me feel like I was part of an experiment that the London Real managers were merely passively observing and occasionally policing and pacifying any contentious outcry that we were not getting much in the way of leadership/Mentorship. We did 2 Weekly ZOOM calls with Mr BRIAN, these were immensely confusing as there were typically 100 to 150 candidates all logging in to listen to our leader with baited breath. Obviously in these we are an audience listening collectively – At no point during the process did I feel like I received individual mentoring. I was left to my own devices to work through the fine details of micro niche discovery – only having other candidates and my team to reach out to. It was frustrating to say the least given that the pace of the course is SO intense that you are constantly on the back foot playing catch up. Because of this it appeared that no-one was listening to me or providing feedback for my VLOGS or social posts. This was pretty annoying given all the promises and MASSIVE course price tag. We got told to be blinkered and keep moving forward – which is all good if you know where you are going. I WAS LOST AT SEA WITHOUT AN ANCHOR AND INCREASINGLY STRESSED AND ANGRY AS THE COURSE PROGRESSED.

The course videos are well presented by the LONDON REAL BRAND aka Brian Rose – if a little brief with a course workbook that we fill out for no mentors to ever feedback to us. ALSO we had to fill in questionnaires every single week asking us if we liked the course and any feedback – it was full of loaded questions in brain-washing NLP type way that prompted you to give positive feedback.

Next criticism is that we were promised industry secrets, fundamentals and tips to accelerate our performance as an online brand/influencer. I found this aspect to be entirely lacking, Modules were dripped through to us one-by-one so we never really knew if the secret sauce was coming in a magical revelation further down the line. I guess this was a way of keeping us from complaining too early as the material was absent – to only be UPSOLD at the end of the course to another £3000 accelerator program.

I raised my concerns towards the last couple of weeks of the course for all the above and that I had not received what I was expecting or promised. NO REPLY.

In a nutshell I believe 1) the course material recycled and 80-90% could be found on youtube for free 2) Massively over priced 3) Extreme artificial pressure to squeeze all mentees to complete an accountability tracking spreadsheet or “Let the team down” 4) I was left to be autonomous with no mentorship but herded and funnelled through the banal course materials.

I did complain more than once and outreached to the London Real HQ emails and phone line to NOT have my complaints dealt with. Upon the course ending and completing a form for the 100% Guaranteed refund – I got told I was exempt and no refund would be granted as 1) I did not complete all the course materials, 2) I did not leave a review for the course.

On balance there was some positives – the other course mentees are interesting and all there for the same reason so its an interesting experience in terms of networking and building contacts.

But overall I’m unsatisfied as i believe the course DID NOT deliver based on the sales pitch, promised course materials was omitted, with-held – specifically regards monetisation of the online business funnel. I also believe its preys on the dreams and fears of economically disadvantaged people that maybe struggling financially and baiting them with financial freedom, purpose, the lifestyle they want and the Moon on a stick. This course is a lot of money and I was banking on getting some ROI which is very unlikely in the time frames provided by the course and also I would be doing all of the leg work with zero mentoring so if you are a motivated self starter AVOID because you do not need this course – its a course for people that procrastinate and get stuck and need encouragement from a pier group. Do your due diligence, PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PURCHASE THE LONDON REAL ACCELERATOR COURSE!!!!

Source: BrassEye2020 on Scamguard

15000 dollar course with NO content plus investment scam

This is a full account of what happened in the Inner Circle with Mr. Brian Rose.

As most people in internet at the time, I was eagerly following London Real on YouTube. His guest seemed interesting people with something to say, from Sadhguru to Graham Hancock, from Ms Perret to Ido Portal. Smart people. People that had some message to improve our lives or some interesting questions based on new findings.

At the time, like many of my fellow peers, I wanted to create a digital business and joined the Business Accelerator (BA). Where I was helped to figure out what to do, followed a method and ended with a product. I want to be clear, the BA is a product, I think overprized, but like it or not it is a product. So I have nothing to say in that respect.

But I had signed up for more, in my determination and enthusiasm, I decided to make a grand gesture, to go full in, and signed for the more extended package of the Inner Circle, that included the BA plus six months of mentoring by Brian Rose.

I was only two weeks into the program when I realised what I had fallen into. I had paid 15000 dollars to write in slack what I was going to do that day and 3min with Brian Rose twice a month, where he mostly spoke about himself and his supposed battle against social media and gave no business advice at all. So much so that I ended up hiring a sales coach to help me set up my business and learn how to make sales.

Then my peers from the IC were dropping like flies with all sort of excuses, when I called them, they told me that the IC was a joke, that this type of guru selling was not for them, or that they were just cutting their losses.

The remaining IC members started to talk. I would have phone calls with them where we would all do nothing but complain. We felt impotent. We knew we would not get our money back. Several months went by like this, until I started to tell them that we could not take this lying down. So we all decided to write a letter of complaint and practically everybody signed it, even people that had left.

We handed that letter to them on the 2nd of September 2020. It was a letter with feedback, some suggestions and some requests.

This is how it played out:

1. I was contacted via slack by Susan Guner, his right hand in the IC, asking me what the nature of my participation in this affair was. I told her I was not only an active participant but one of the main drivers. She then asked me if I was in contact with the people that left stating they were facing challenges and wanted absence from the course. I said yes, but that although they had said nothing to them, they had made clear to the rest of us what their sentiments were.
2. Then I found out that my peers received similar calls about what their role had been.
3. Then there was silence. No one called us to address the letter. Nothing happened.
4. So we all went into that evening’s call thinking that Mr. Brian Rose was obviously going to address the matter there with all of us.
5. We all dialled into the call with a bazar picture of Mr. Brian Rose, like the ones dictators post all over their countries to make their presence known and there was silence for several minutes. I found it kind of comical really, and obviously this is not how the meetings had normally started. Before, Susan would chat with us and then introduce Brian, like in a chat show.
6. Then Brian was announced and immediately I was removed from the call, as were all the women that had a strong voice. Everyone was kept muted.
7. Then my colleagues were texting us through messenger what was going on. Apparently Brian went on to say that he had kicked me and Marie Lussier from the IC. That they were all lucky to even have 3 min with him as people queued to just touch his hand!!
8. Everyone was very upset. Not everyone spoke out. Most of them couldn’t, they were muted.
9. I then sent a private message to Mr. Rose saying that he had just made a great mistake and that now, I would be going after him. He was just the most obnoxious thing I had ever experienced.
10. I then received an email that night that I was going to get a 4000 refund out of the kindness of his heart. You can imagine what I replied.

Mr. Brian Rose, the ‘fighter for freedom of speech’ uses that freedom like toilet paper. He is a bully, a banker at heart no matter what he sells himself as, a manipulator and doesn’t care at all about his students. London Real is just a money-making machine for what he likes to do and what feeds his enormous ego: interviewing.

He wants to be a Joe Rogan…he is nothing but a petty individual that steels all his thoughts from his guests and repeats them like a parrot. Fancies himself like Don Pena who he names every five seconds but lacks the courage or the smarts to be him.

I am writing all of this so that at least you know who you are dealing with. Then, it’s up to you.

I will fight him. I made my choice.

Thank you for listening

I have everything documented.

Also Brian promotes to his students investment scams
I fell for the tweeka Swari bitcoin one. another 2500 dollars

Source: Buratted on Scamguard

Brian is a scammer!!

Brian is a scammer!!! I brought the inner circle program and what a monumental mistake!! I should of been advised not to be in this program as I was starting my business from scratch so there was nothing to offer me except the constant spamming of my friends list! Brian missed live calls and leaves others to clean up for him. I have tried contacting many many times and no one gets back. Please do yourself a favor and steer clear.

Jason Pintley on Trustpilot

Business Accelerator Course Terrible Experience

I did the Business Accelerator course a few years back, it is without doubt the worst experience I have had in terms of online training. However due to the total lack of content that is of any value my credit card company agreed with me that it was not worth the money and not as advertised by London real and refunded me in full. A lot of people have struggled to get their money back so we decided to make a Facebook page to help people not happy with the service London Real offer. If you want to join search London Real – Support for People who want a refund on Facebook. Edit on the 27oct 2020 So 14 months after I write a review and get a full refund from London Real they then respond to this review asking for more info. Sorry but the horse has bolted Brian!

Michael Magee on Trustpilot

Inner circle is a scam

Emma Buratti on Trustpilot

Contrepreneur Bingo • Brian Rose

Welcome back for another episode of Contrepreneur Bingo! This weeks host is the sleeveless wonder and freedom of speech fighter Mr Brian “did you donate?” Rose!! We we’re lucky enough to catch Brian Rose on a “live” webinar and decided to whip out our Bingo card and see how much “value” was going to be packed into this 2 hour shit-show. So have your cards at the ready…

Source: Mike Winnet on YouTube

Got Scammed from London Real Business Accelerator Course

I recently took an online course called – LondonReal Business Accelerator Course. I would just like to warn everyone that the risk free 60 day money back guranteed is a lie! They will NOT honor it and they will make up excuses to rip you off. They have taken 1.5k and I want my refund back! I’m talking to HR and the team lead but all I’m getting are excuses that “my webinar isn’t good enough” “I didnt trust” wtf. Help! How should I get my money back? Should I talk to VISA? do a charge back? (what should I say). I want to talk to a lawyer because I feel that this lie is wrong and they should not lie to people about the risk free 60 days. They said for the refund all the require is do 100% of the work, live calls and within 60days after the course. I have done all this and I’m still within the 60 days.

Update: got refund back through visa

Source: u/UniteandLove on Reddit

I also took the Business Accelerator Course and would also like add to the above comment and to warn everyone that this is a course that should be avoided at all costs based on fraudulent misrepresentation. A key part of the course is a step by step of how to spam your friends family and personal contacts that completely ignores the GDPR Laws that Facebook and LinkedIn abide by and risks damaging your personal and professional reputation. Along with (as mentioned above) a refund policy that is impossible to abide by. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS COURSE it’s a terrible feeling knowing you’ve paid for something you didn’t get the value for.

Source: u/FrodoVloggins on Reddit

Brian Rose is a con man. He has sacrificed the credibility of his good Youtube Channel and exploited it to basically steal money. The business accelerator was just awful. Disjointed incomplete looked like he created it on the back of a fag packet in seedy toilet while sniffing coke!

His video sales letter promises you the world instead it delivers nothing but 8 weeks of bullshit only to be topped by the horrendous customer service and treatment when trying to cash in his no questions asked money back guarantee.

The best course of action isn’t to play his impossible rigged game of trying to do 100% of all the tasks as the accountability sheet is designed so you can’t. Not only that if you do then you could damage your personal and business reputation by being told to spam contacts in your list and to get banned by facebook for spamming. Has to be the worst advice I have ever came across and wasted 8 weeks on the course and a few more getting my money back. I got my money back through a bank chargeback disputing fraudulent misrepresentation providing a detailed doc with links video clips of the course and screenshots. However this took me days to put together and I got my money back within 2 weeks. But you also have to be firm with your bank. If they try to refuse remind them they are 50% responsible for these transactions and if you are in the UK then under section 75 of the consumer protection laws you have a right for your dispute to be looked at.

I got my money back but it was a lot of hassle. If you are finding this thread and are thinking about doing the course be aware that London Real tv business accelerator and other courses are a scam and Brian Rose is STILL the greedy banker he claims he left behind.

Source: u/LRKicker on Reddit

I estimate that 25% (from Accountability Document kept by London Real Academy) of the folks who took the Fall 2018 London Real Academy Business Accelerator course were not happy (me included). These are the ones who openly said so. Who knows how many others may be silent about this No Refund-in-spite-of-60Day-MoneyBack-Guarantee-NoQuestionsAskedIfYouAreNotSatisfied. Oh! And there are about 23% of the folks who took the Winter 2018 London Real Academy Broadcast Yourself on the same boat. That is a boatload of people! Pun intended dammit! I know some folks gave up and allowed this to go… too bad for them. Many have tried their credcard banks. Success is around 20-30% so far (in the works).

The sad part is that London Real Academy with fucking Brian Rose just started new Business Accelerator and Broadcast Yourself courses with 100+ students each. Statistics show that this theme will be repeated. About 25% of these individuals will be bitching soon about this whole thing.

You always start “infatuated” with this crap just to realize that the team leaders are terrible (most of them), the course lacks technical competency, and eventually IF you want your money back, good luck!

Oh! and a few (between 2 and four) will be kicked out from the course in the middle of it… and their money is NOT refunded. Oh, yeah! But noobies don’t listen to those who have experienced the pain described above.

Source: u/noctruno007 on Reddit

This happened to me as well.

I had 100% attendance and even my team leader confirmed after I brought this up with her that I indeed completed all tasks.

They first replied that I “seem to have falsely input” youtube links to my first vlogs.

That was absolutely not the case. Another member of the course did accidently copy in his links on top of mine in the google sheet at a later point, but this was weeks after the initial week and I asked my team leader and she told me not to worry about changing the links back as she and everyone else in the course already saw my videos and she even liked all of them in the course group on facebook.

I was even hero of the week for our team, assigned by the course manager group, the second week. Wich also is another proof that I was not lagging behind with any videos from week 1.

Actually I was always first or second in our group to be done and I spent a lof of time helping others catch up wich they thanked me fore publicly alongwith the group mentor and team leader.

I politely explained about the links but their guy just didnt even answer my email.
When I told the team leader I dont even get a response after explaining, she simply said she again can confirm I did everything right, but that “she cant help me further as she is not responsible for refunds”.

There is a lot to be said about the London real accelerators. It really is a big scam, the course is a total joke in itself as well. I asked to get out on day 1 and asked again in week 6 as I really didnt want to waste mine or their time. But they told me their policy was to complete it or I wont get a refund, So I made 110% sure I did complete everything right.

Source: u/DanielDeline Reddit

We are going through the same- I only did a couple of days- and mine is within the 14 day cooling off period. Whilst they have no refund policy- people are starting to slowly get refunds directly from LR now and not their banks- so they are obviously a little worried! Ive had two of the team leaders call me- and a whattsapp this morning from one of them telling me I’m not open minded enough (does that mean empty headed??!!) This whole thing is a total scam- he’s built up all these interviews and a Ted talk- convincing everyone he’s seen the light- moved from banking and now into helping people achieve their dreams – His vids and suits are all funded from online course fees etc etc.- preying off the vulnerable who are all bought into his message. Really he’s just a greedy banker- jumping on the spiritual bandwagon. I wonder what his esteemed guests would think about his courses- I wonder if they have actually done any of them?

Does he know about spamming and GDPR?


Does he actually know how to run a business- all the examples are along the lines of dog walking and personal training!

I could go on and on and on- keep fighting- these courses need to be offered as freebies or shut down!

Source: u/Miracleselm Reddit

Horrendous experience . Totally not what was sold and avoid at all costs. Its so basic that you will ashamed you ever took it. The team leaders are ex students who love to refer you to you tube for help , or say why are you the only person having this issue. Your not ,they just want you to complete and ask no questions. Honestly the kick start your social media is embarrassing , spam friends and family to follow your set up 5 social media profiles. Then ask them again to join your webinar, no insight on how to build a following of new. It really is appalling. Please head this advice, you wont regret it.

Source: u/MAJESTIC2011 Reddit

I started this course this year. I would wish I would read people reviews early. Now they delete the option to review LondonReal on their facebook page as more and more people are unsatisfied. I quit the course after the few weeks and now they demanding to pay for the full course, plus now they threaten me with the debt recovery agency. This course was a big mistake and I wouldnt recommend to have this experience for anyone. They had removed money back guarantee option as many people wanted to get they money back. Think twice if you think to take the this course

Source: u/Rexas13 Reddit

Brian Rose, London Real Business Accelerator - An honest review

Source: Aliana on Youtube

Why I left London Real Academy... Against my will.

About a month ago i registered with the London Real Academy for the full year (just under 300 USD). The idea is to upgrade your peer group, have accountability buddies and get access to exclusive webinars & ‘success secrets’ that have been removed from the regular free London Real content.

I requested my accountability buddy and filled in all the forms etc but after 3 weeks i had heard nothing back, despite trying all channels of communication available to me : email, the LRA site’s messenger, the private Facebook group, etc. But one day i found a broken link so i reported it via the support form on the LRA site: to my surprise i got a message back from Julian, one of the managers, within 24 hours. So i tried that for my accountability buddy. No luck.

Yesterday someone posted on the FB group that they were looking for the link to cancel…and that’s when things started getting strange.

Here is a brief account of my brief stay at the London Real Academy. Not quite in line with the rosey nice façade you get from Brian Rose before you join. They go to great lengths to get you to join but once you’ve joined things don’t quite follow the official story line…

[Youtube video has been removed via a copyright strike by London Real.]

Update (2016-07-30) : you will find updates on YouTube in the comment section of the video below. In a nutshell, i have now joined a group i prefer, closed but free, and which is populated with various people who left the LRA and/or felt ripped off by the lack of service/replies. I was almost certain i would rejoin the LRA but i am now convinced that is not a good idea. Again, my experience is my experience, yours could be better, i don’t know. Good luck if you choose to join.

[Youtube video has been removed via a copyright strike by London Real.]

Business Accelerator 2019 - London Real by Brian Rose - TOTAL SCAM

I would like to warn anybody who would like to join the highly advertised Business Accelerator Courses by Brian Rose! Here are my reasons why:
If you think, you will be mentored by Brian Rose, you are terribly mistaken! Brian Rose never appears in the Facebook chats or discussions and you will never experience 1 on 1 mentoring by him. He appears for 60min weekly in a Zoom call and you will share this call with other 100 Business Accelerator participants!
The core of “sophisticated marketing techniques” lies in spamming your Facebook family and friends and inviting them for a webinar in which you are supposed to sell them your digital product for $27. Not only this can totally destroy your personal and professional reputation, it is against EU GDPR law!!
“No man left behind” became a mantra of this course! However, the truth is less than 50% participants finishes the course.
You will be “coached” by unexperienced and unprofessional team coaches who did the course before you with little to no business experience. As a result of that, you will spend majority of your time (!!!) researching this topic on your own or with help of other desperate team members.
The learning materials (only videos, no E-books, no pdfs, no ppts) cover only the very basic stuff and are predominantly outdated (especially the Squarespace tutorials). So again you will have to spend your own time researching the topic on your own!
The “life” webinar in which Brian advertises his course is, in fact, pre-recorded! In addition, he mentions in his webinar that one will be expected to spend 4 hours WEEKLY on completing tasks whereas in reality you will spend 4 hours DAILY (don’t forget you will have to research everything on your own)
And finally, the current price ($3000!) for the course is totally unjustifiable considering all the points mentioned above.
Don’t expect to get your money back via London Real refund policy, the only way how to get your money back is via your bank!
Conclusion: Save your money (and time)! The Business Accelerator is not worth it!!!

Source: u/lifesceptic on Reddit

Experienced the same in 2018: waste of money and damaged reputation. The course incentivizes you to make a fool of yourself in front of family and friends. I wouldn’t say that overall people had any significant success after “graduating“.
Perhaps the biggest takeaway: don’t be fooled by shady internet gurus.
Brian Rose came as a hustler and insincere across during the course. One of the teachings was to lie to your audience that the webinar discount price is active only for a limited time. Small but dishonest details like that leave a bitter taste.
There are records on the internet of people not being able to get refunds – which were back then marketed as a “no questions asked” policy. In hindsight, I regret not asking for the refund myself.
I even stopped watching the LR YouTube channel, which was up until that time one of my favorites.
One good thing about the Business Accelerator: you bond with others in your group. Because they’re in the same s**t pothole as you, trying to figure out what chain of stupid decisions brought them there.

Source: u/FrankfurtReal on Reddit

Business Accelerator from London Real And Brian Rose

Brian Rose is a total THEIF! Stay away from his products and services. 197 of us did his Business Accelerator course and could not have been more disappointed. The quality was terrible, the coaches were clueless, and BRIAN ROSE WAS NOWHERE TO BE HEARD FROM!

His money back guarantee consists of completing the “Accountability Doc” which is a Google Doc they alter to make sure you are never at 100%. You will even be lucky if they return your email when you apply for it in the first place.

I am currently dealing with my banking institution to get my money back and learned that they see London Real as a fraudulent company. Move forward with Brian Rose and London Real very carefully.

Source: u/lifesceptic on Reddit

Not refunding my money

Signed up for business excellerator course and after a week on the course I doubted the whole process and demanded a refund. I have been told that the refund won’t be happening.

Source: Jonnybritton on SCAMGUARD

Broadcast Yourself Course 2018 Mis-sold

I purchased London Real’s Broadcast Yourself Course in spring 2018 and was sickened by what I, and many classmates, considered to be a mis-sold product at best, or a blatant, exploitative money-grabbing scam at worst.

I believe London Real were in contravention of at least 2 laws: Misrepresentation Act 1967 and Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. I believe there were multiple breaches of these laws, and I have collected a dossier of evidence in case I decide to go to the small claims court.

Put simply, the course was sold on the promise that they would teach us how to create a “world class podcast” and how to “turn it into a 6 figure business”. I would never have signed up without these promises being emphasised over and over again in the promotional web pages and promotional webinars, especially the promise about teaching us how to turn our podcasts into successful businesses.
They did not deliver on either score. In fact, after pushing (borderline bullying at times) us to publish a sub-standard podcast with very little technical help / info given (as far from ‘world class podcast’ training as you could possibly get), we were then told “now you have a podcast, if you want to turn it into a business you’ll need to sign up to our Business Accelerator Course”. Furthermore, several products that I paid for were simply not delivered.
The much publicised ‘Moneyback Guarantee’ was not honoured for me nor for any of my classmates.

I recorded a video review at the time which I had kept unlisted until yesterday. It was recorded on the orders of Brian Rose because everyone was told to publish a review in order to gain access to the final two modules (AKA crappy 10 minute videos) WHICH WE’D ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!!!! Therefore, if you find a positive review online, especially if it’s a blog on, it may well have been written under duress by a student telling London Real what they want to hear just so that they could have access to the final two modules about how to turn the podcast into a business, ie. to get access to the very information they signed up for which they had already paid for. When they did finally get access to these modules they were revealed to be two short videos which gave less information than the marketing material upon which the course was sold in the first place. The Emperor really does have no clothes.I’ve looked into the possibility of taking LR to the small claims court, and that option remains open to me for at least another three years. I haven’t gone ahead because despite having what

I consider a watertight case, I am not a lawyer and I don’t know whether a court would agree with me – there may be legal technicalities that leave LR / BR in the clear and then I’d be out of pocket even further. I am wary about going up in court against someone with vastly more resources than me, and even if the court ruled in my favour I am not confident that London Real would pay up. If anyone has successfully taken London Real to the Small Claims Court I’d be very grateful to hear from you in the comments below.
In the process of researching what to do legally, I spoke with the Citizens Advice Bureau and they told me that LR and my case had been reported to Trading Standards (this was probably in the latter half of 2018).
The course cost $2997 US Dollars (£2226 at the time) and two months of my precious time, plus a lot of subsequent stress trying to get money back and researching my legal standing.

In fairness, there were some ‘positive’ aspects to the course: it’s a like a bootcamp to kick you up the backside and force you to publish a substandard podcast before it’s ready, and then to spam all your contacts about it (breaking GDPR rules). If that is what you feel you want or need then by all means sign up, but that was not what was advertised and not the reason I signed up.

The promised personal mentorship from Brian Rose was not delivered. He spoke to a huge group on weekly Zoom calls but people had almost zero personal interaction with him unless they’d paid extra to have him as personal mentor. My team leader was simply a ‘graduate’ from the previous course who had his own unsuccessful podcast with very few followers. He gave zero feedback on our work and next to no useful assistance on any aspect of the course. We may as well have had no team leader / mentor at all (or as one class mate put it ‘we might as well have had a balloon with a smiley face drawn on it’). I genuinely learned more from other students than from either Brian Rose or my team leader.
The online support was appalling, almost non-responsive in the tightly moderated (ie. no complaints or criticisms allowed, cult-like vibe) facebook group.
The team-leaders were under-qualified and over-stretched. My own team leader seemed to do absolutely nothing, others did have better team leaders.
I could go on and on for hours but I would not be adding to what’s already been said in many reviews.
Brian Rose is a dishonest scam artist, and London Real sells courses that simply do not deliver anything close to what is promised.
The moneyback guarantee means nothing, I do not know one person from my course who received a refund.
Appalling, amoral, illegal, no sign of care or remorse.
Learn from my mistake, steer well clear.

Source: LondonRealScam on SCAMGUARD

Complete lack of transparency and ethics

After following Brian’s YT channel for a while I had the confidence to enroll in the Business Accelerator program. From the very beginning (salespage/salesfunnel) I had the distinct idea that the promises where too good to be true. The fake scarcity, the fake exclusivity, the “secrets”. I should have known better but do not entirely blame myself. I also blame deceptive marketing and emotional language. There is a no questions asked refund policy.. yes only in theory.. In practice, once you pay you lost everything. The thing he teaches in his course are 1. Unethical; promoting fake guru tactics online 2. Scammy; spamming and abusing policy guidelines 3. Goes against the GDPR laws for Europe and can seriously hurt you and your business. The people helping within the course are just old students who are trying to make it work.. of course they are not capable of really helping new students… there is soo much more I could write about this but I will abstain from doing so. The short conclusion: It ticks my box for being scammy because of the lies, deception and psychological tricks that are being utilized. This guy just received 1.1 Million USD with a crowdfunding action on his site, I can’t believe he fools even more people. Yes guys, he looks very decent, charismatic, ethical, honest.. But i am warning you. this guy is not how he seems.

Source: Miko88 on SCAMGUARD

Business course for wantrepreneurs Q3.18

Brian Rose promised us that we would have a business that works in real life, but I only ended up with a half-baked product that was not going to sell in any way. We where manipulated and our world view distorted by using clever NPL techniques so you do not question their motive.
They took advantage of me cause I was depressed and I wanted to help my sick grandmother who needed better medical care.
Not only did I lost my money but I lost my reputation as being a business person by a local community of entrepreneurs.
And they did not any shape of form qualify you for their product. Paying 250 euros a month in Estonia is ALOT.
You only make 700 euros per month if you live in a smaller city. And you have to pay for you flat, food and other expenses. It also caused me lot of unnecessary mental stress damages.
They also made us use bots and spam our friends and thats agains the EU commerce laws.

At the end of their course I learned that the course was written by a Julian Bailes who has never run a business before nor did he have any credentials to do so.

The best part was that Brian promised us that he would mentor us for 8 weeks but in the middle of our course he went to do ayahuasca in middle of the Amazon.
Here is a video of him in the Amazona’s that dates it in the middle of the summer when the course was on.…

Nobody that started from zero at our course made back their money. And only few people made money cause they all-ready had a business and they used their existing customers to buy their products.

Nothing that I learn from the BA was insightful noir practical.
Most of everything was all-ready outdated or half-baked ideas from books.
And the books they literally copied from where more in-depth and practical then the course itself.

Also he peached that you have to use social media to get customers but later when the course ended. He made a video that explained that they use email marketing to get customers.

There are lot of these kinds of contradictions in the course.

They promised that you did not have to pay any additional costs. That was a lie as-well.

Cause you needed to buy a domain, set up a Squarespace website, buy Zoom. Thats about 200-300 dollars extra.

And don’t forget about making a logo, branding, social media advertisement. 500-1500 dollars

And of-course to be able to run a SUSTAINABLE business you need PEOPLE! So you pay €€€€ extra

NO MAN LEFT BEHIND – what a joke! A lot of our classmates where left behind. And the only thing they did was to call their names at meetings. Or send a few messages from facebook.

He also promised to help us promote our businesses trough his twitter channel but he has not done it since.

And one more thing.
Thats where I had enough of his “Spirituality” when I saw him trying to sell his course to a desperate women who was missing a lot of her front teeth and was living in a car.
Best yet my friend wanted to thank him but in returned he was kicked out of the Zoom call. Now thats what good mentors do when they get payed.

Source: Zenman on SCAMGUARD

Not honoring my original purchase

Purchased the program and started the program. By week 2 I realized I didn’t have time for this at the moment and wanted to be apart of the next training. 6+ months pass and I get an email asking are you ready to start and I said yes. Next thing I know they want me to pay 3000 to rejoin. I tried to plead my case that I paid for it and was already in the course with a promotional price.

Source: comfrotable1990 on SCAMGUARD

Live Webinar Exposed (kinda)

London Real Webinar Exposed! Pretending that you’re presenting a live webinar when it’s clearly pre-recorded… bit weird isn’t it?? If the ‘Guru’ is happy to tell you such an unnecessary lie upfront, what else might they be lying about? I could be wrong of course. If you don’t have an issue with it, tell me why in the comments below. And if you’ve got any funny examples of people pretending to be live, share them in the comments too, so we can all have a watch.

Source: Mike Winnet on Youtube

Used to be a great podcast.

Used the be a great podcast with fantastic interviews of 1st class guests. Now he just whines about COVID 19. I am unsubscribing.

Poor interviewer and Snake oil salesman

Brian Rose is a very poor interviewer, his demeanour and way he tries to extract a conversation out of his guests falls Short most of the time. His stories of self help and how he was a reformed drug addict working the stock exchange are loose and apprear to be based on little fact and his constant use of them grows tiring. Due to his association with ‘freedom of speech’ he does have a huge array of guests on the show which is nice to see but again his constant plugging of freedom platform and it’s very shady fundraising is extremely questionable as to what it actually created. He is now running for London mayor and asking for donations after not giving his donators updates on their money for the freedom platform. Shady person, below average podcast, poor optics.

Tikka tiwari episode total scam

Was a decent listen until the latest episode on crypto.. that’s a total scam and shill bodering on con artist. Also to disable comments on your video with him while also supposed championing free speech is a total cop out. Bye bye.

Covid hoaxers?! Hello!!

Have I heard someone named Boris Johnson and another obese bloke named Donald Trump? They got Covid. So did Trump’s wife and Justin Trudeau’s wife. I’ll pick another podcast from the 500,000 podcasts available on Apple Podcasts.

Used to enjoy this

Used to enjoy this show but boy has it lost the plot last couple weeks! And after listening to the rebelwisdom podcast and doing a little bit of investigation into Brian himself, I was embarrassed that I gave this guy 5 minutes. Glad wised up before I drank the coolaid

Brian Rose = Candace Owens

I’ve listened to Brian Rose for a couple of years now, but until the Candace Owens show I’ve never associated him with standing on the political right or left. It was difficult for me to listen to his podcast with Candace Owens and see that he was unwilling to push back on a single view of hers – he stood spineless the entire episode and capitulated to every single outlandish view she spewed. She profits tremendously from being a black face that speaks the voice of the far right. Listen at [28:28] she admits that if her publisher were to hold up the release of her new book, she would ‘scream racism’ and sue them with attorneys beyond her financial wherewithal. The irony is that you can hear her a few minutes earlier saying that blacks are too quick to attribute any grievance to racism. I believe its the interviewers duty to challenge and question extreme views especially on controversial political and racial topics like these. For these reasons I have no choice but step back from the London Reel. with witness Brian’s inability to giveCandace and not once give any push back on her many questionable views and not once man up and give and ounce of push back.

Lost credibility

Brian was great, but giving Alex Jones a platform has just destroyed his credibility. Unsubscribed.

Narcissist who doesn’t tell the audience the truth

This 100 year old man on a steroid using 25 year old’s body is all about the click bait. His views are totally disingenuous and loves often to put out PR that YouTube and others are “against” him. It’s all done for publicity. The scientists and doctors he has on are dubious at best and he does NOT want all to prosper and to improve the world. He just wants more money from views. Simple…

Used to be good then turned con man

If only I can give this stupid podcast zero stars.

What the hell is this crap?

If only I can give this stupid podcast zero stars.


London Real is a scam with anti-science denialism.

Unhinged Nonsense

If you like listening to a man that thinks the queen is a lizard and that 5g kills people you just might be crazy. Icke is dangerous to society and Brian Rose see no problem promoting Icke’s views as long as it makes him money. Speech requires responsibility and having a man like Icke incite violence on a podcast is like yelling fire in a crowded theater. The west is literally losing its mind.

Was my favorite

Nothing but endless conspiracy theories . If it bleeds it leads, huh Brian?

Lost the plot

Used to be good then lost all credibility. Avoid.

Moronic show

Idiotic show where the host literally drinks his own urine while talking to a literal flat earther. Moronic.

Fake guru & a BIG SCAM

Stay away and be aware of the products and programs he recommends. He’s only selling words and dreams, no actual real advice. Be prudent before you listen to him and if you can: verify the facts.

No Stars. None.

Fake, never addressed what his listeners had been asking him. Instead he deleted all their comments.

Brian Rose of London Real here to transform humanity? Or just another greedy banker?

Brian Rose of London Real here to transform humanity? Or just another greedy banker?



a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

Scammed; scamming; scams

1 : to deceive and defraud (someone)
… the law firm had got the lucrative job of defending the corporate head of a savings and loan that had scammed another thousand or so people out of their savings …
— Joseph Wambaugh

2 : to obtain (something, such as money) by a scam
A Boston hedge fund manager who scammed millions of dollars from friends, family and other investors in what authorities say was a Ponzi scheme has been sent to prison for more than 14 years.
— The Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette