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London Real and COVID-19

During the 2020 COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, London Real, Brian Rose, David Icke and other associates have been accused of abusing public fear for attention. Moreover, that they used that attention to spread dangerous misinformation leading to illness and death. It is alleged that London Real and Brian Rose set up what they call the ‘digital freedom platform’ (DFP) in response to the pandemic. Furthermore that the ‘DFP’ was mis-sold. Below are posts from around the internet relating to London Real and COVID-19.

BBC: Coronavirus: YouTube tightens rules after David Icke 5G interview

london real scam bbc covid pandemic
YouTube has banned all conspiracy theory videos falsely linking coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks.

The Google-owned service will now delete videos violating the policy. It had previously limited itself to reducing the frequency it recommended them in its Up Next section.

The move follows a live-streamed interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke on Monday, in which he had linked the technology to the pandemic.

YouTube said the video would be wiped.

During the interview, Mr Icke falsely claimed there “is a link between 5G and this health crisis”.

And when asked for his reaction to reports of 5G masts being set on fire in England and Northern Ireland, he responded: “If 5G continues and reaches where they want to take it, human life as we know it is over… so people have to make a decision.”

Several users subsequently called for further attacks on 5G towers in the comments that appeared alongside the feed.

Mr Icke also claimed that a coronavirus vaccine, when one is developed, would include “nanotechnology microchips” that would allow humans to be controlled. He added that Bill Gates – who is helping fund Covid-19 vaccine research – should be jailed. His views went unchallenged for much of the two-and-a-half-hour show.

Policy violation

The interview was watched by about 65,000 people as it was streamed, some of whom clicked an on-screen button to trigger payments to make their live chat reactions stand out.

YouTube only deleted the content after the session had ended, despite being aware of the broadcast while it was ongoing.

It changed its rules after the BBC questioned why the video was permitted.

“We have clear policies that prohibit videos promoting medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment, and we quickly remove videos violating these policies when flagged to us,” a spokeswoman for YouTube told the BBC.

“Now any content that disputes the existence or transmission of Covid-19, as described by the WHO [World Health Organization] and local health authorities is in violation of YouTube policies.

“This includes conspiracy theories which claim that the symptoms are caused by 5G.

“For borderline content that could misinform users in harmful ways, we reduce recommendations. We’ll continue to evaluate the impact of these videos on communities around the world.”

Users who repeatedly break the rules now face being prevented from being able to use YouTube’s Live tool.

The firm may also prevent repeat offenders from earning money, and said it would terminate channels as a last resort.

  • Coronavirus: Scientists brand 5G claims ‘complete rubbish’
  • Tech firms summoned over ‘crackpot’ 5G conspiracies
  • Mast fire probe amid 5G coronavirus claims

  • In this case, YouTube is allowing the interview’s host to keep earnings generated via the Super Chats tool while the video was still online.

    But it is giving its own cut of the proceeds to charity, and has put the channel involved under review.

    The Guardian: Arsonists attack phone mast serving NHS Nightingale hospital

    Vodafone boss hits out at ‘deluded’ 5G conspiracy theorists after incident in Birmingham
    A mobile phone mast serving the emergency NHS Nightingale hospital in Birmingham is one of the latest targeted by arsonists who wrongly believe 5G technology is linked to the spread of coronavirus.

    Nick Jeffery, the chief executive of Vodafone UK, revealed that a mast providing connectivity to the hospital was attacked over the weekend – bringing the total to more than 40 nationwide.

    “It’s heart-rending enough that families cannot be there at the bedside of loved ones who are critically ill,” said Jeffery, in a post on LinkedIn. “It’s even more upsetting that even the small solace of a phone or video call may now be denied them because of the selfish actions of a few deluded conspiracy theorists.”

    In many cases, mobile networks say, the sites attacked do not yet have 5G technology installed.

    West Yorkshire police are investigating a fire which took place in the early hours of Tuesday involving a phone mast attached to a residential building in Huddersfield.

    In another incident in Dagenham, east London, two 19-year-old men and an 18-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of arson after police were called in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The two incidents involved 10 fire engines.

    OFCOM: This programme featured potentially harmful statements about the Coronavirus pandemic and adequate protection was not provided to viewers. In breach of Rule 2.1 of the Broadcasting Code.

    Vodafone boss hits out at ‘deluded’ 5G conspiracy theorists after incident in Birmingham
    London Live is a local television channel serving the London area. The licence for London Live is held by ESTV Limited (“ESTV” or “the Licensee”). London Real1 is a talk show featuring interviews hosted by Brian Rose, broadcast on Thursdays at 22:00.

    Ofcom received 48 complaints from viewers who were concerned about potentially harmful statements made by the guest, David Icke, on this programme about the Coronavirus pandemic. On 7 April 2020, YouTube removed a London Real interview between Brian Rose and David Icke in which David Icke made unsubstantiated claims about a link between the roll out of 5G technology and the spread of the Coronavirus. This was a separate interview to the one that is the subject of this Decision. The interview broadcast on London Live did not contain any discussion about 5G technology.

    Ofcom is prioritising cases related to the Coronavirus which could cause harm to audiences. This could include: • health claims related to the virus which may be harmful; • medical advice which may be harmful; and, • accuracy or materially misleadingness in programmes in relation to the virus or public policy regarding it.

    VICE: The YouTuber Accused of Using Coronavirus to Scam His Followers.

    Brian Rose has raised nearly £1 million to fund a “free speech” platform where he’ll host video interviews with conspiracy theorists and other guests. But some followers have questioned how the money will really be used.
    london real scam vice article the youtuber accused of scamming his followers
    On the 7th of April, YouTube removed an interview uploaded by the channel London Real. In the video, veteran conspiracy theorist David Icke claimed coronavirus doesn’t exist. Instead, he asserted that 5G radiation is responsible for the hypoxic symptoms of Covid-19, a novel illness that experts continue to make efforts to understand.

    Two days later, the UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom launched an investigation after parts of the same interview were shown on the TV channel London Live. Brian Rose, London Real’s founder and frontman, seized upon the opportunity, rallying his “London Real Army” into a show of resistance against Silicon Valley behemoths and what he sees as unjust censorship.

    Later that month, a crowdfunding campaign was launched with a target of $100,000 (£80,484), to finance a “Digital Freedom Platform” (DFP) that would host videos YouTube might censor. Incidentally, that service is already provided by the likes of BitChute and BitTube, sites which bill themselves as free-speech alternatives to YouTube and allow far-right and conspiracy theory content.

    Days later, Rose’s campaign was stepped up, with the target raised to $500,000 (£401,445). The first $100,000 would finance the livestream of a new interview with Icke on the DFP. A further $200,000 (£160,630) would cover an undetermined number of additional interviews, and another $200,000 (“Phase 3”) would pay for the development of an unspecified new “blockchain technology platform”, according to the donation page.

    David Icke & London Real, an Investigation

    On 6th April, London Real broadcast an interview with ‘conspiracy researcher’ David Icke. In it he claimed that Covid-19 was “a hoax” and that 5G was designed for a “mass cull”. YouTube took it down.

    In the wake of this the owner of London Real, Brian Rose launched a crowdfunding campaign for what he called the “Digital Freedom Platform”. This has raced to nearly $1m in just over a week.

    However, lots of the claims about the platform don’t appear to add up. This is an investigation into the platform, the wider issue of free speech and the censorship of the big tech platforms.

    Source: Rebel Wisdom on YouTube

    London Real's $1,000,000 "Digital FREEDOM Platform" is a Joke

    what kind of a “freedom platform” isn’t free and isn’t a platform?

    This one is pretty weird and I think London Real needs to give some answers here as to how their tech platforms they’re relying on are any more secure from censorship from any “big tech” platform that Brian Rose is always railing about.

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    London Real and How Societies Collapse

    In April, Rebel Wisdom ran a series of investigations into London Real’s suspicious ‘Digital Freedom Platform’ fundraiser.

    Now the head of London Real, Brian Rose, has announced that he’s running for Mayor of London. Meanwhile he’s been deleting a load of his old videos and much more.

    What does the story of Brian Rose say about our society? What does it have in common with cult dynamics? And what is the ‘sociopathic niche’?

    Source: Rebel Wisdom on YouTube

    Cashing in on Covid: London Real & David Icke

    This is a story of conspiracy, money and free speech that cuts to the heart of our current crisis. All the questions of how we make sense of the world, how we find truth and who we trust are being magnified in the midst of a global health crisis. Meanwhile dubious actors are cashing in on the confusion.

    After years of saying they are not publishers, but platforms, the big tech companies are finally starting to take editorial responsibility for the content published on them, but are making heavy handed censorship decisions (the latest being to ban David Icke entirely) that are arguably making the problem worse.

    For the last two weeks I have been digging into one particular high profile story that brings all of these issues into sharp relief. On April 6th, the veteran ‘conspiracy researcher’ David Icke was interviewed on the YouTube channel London Real. In it, Icke claimed that the Covid panic was a cover for a murderous global cult who were determined to bring in a fascist state, were using 5G to engineer a mass cull, and that if humanity didn’t “get off its knees” then “human life as we know it is over”.

    YouTube and Vimeo removed the video the day after it was released, but not before several million people had seen it. The video is still available on the London Real website.

    It created headlines on the BBC and throughout the media. In the wake of that interview, the interviewer, London Real’s Brian Rose announced that he was going to do another interview with Icke on the 3rd of May and that he wanted it to be “the biggest livestream in human history” to be watched by a million people. He launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a ‘Digital Freedom Platform’ that has now, allegedly, raised a huge one million dollars.

    As a journalist, I’ve spent twenty years in the heart of the traditional media, and two years creating a YouTube channel, Rebel Wisdom. It has given me a visceral sense of both the advantages and dangers of this alternative media landscape. And right now, abstract conversations about the rights and responsibilities of free speech and the health of the ‘information ecology’ are becoming life and death issues in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis.
    We need to be free to question official narratives around the pandemic, but we also need to be alert to how these vital questions of free speech can themselves be exploited.

    While I was writing this piece, both Facebook and YouTube took down David Icke’s pages. This is exactly the kind of heavy handed and unaccountable censorship that fuels the backlash.

    London Real/David Icke, Investigation Update

    The livestream of David Icke on the London Real platform happened on Sunday 3rd. This is an update on what happened before and after the livestream, focusing on Brian Rose of London Real, and the bigger issues that it brings up.

    Source: Rebel Wisdom on YouTube

    The Life Of Brian

    Brian Rose of London Real has had a very strange couple months. From his followers getting angry with his lack of response to criticism/updates on the Digital Freedom platform, people want answers.

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    The King of Freedom Ran Out of Money 😢 Needs $250,000/month

    Don’t let freedom down. Give London Real all your money for their new “monthly” donation goal to fund the Digital Freedom Platform

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    Brian Rose: How He REALLY Raised $1 Million

    Brian Rose recently launched a fundraiser for his London Real Army and the donations began pouring in. $1 Million was raised. Here are the ten steps for how he really raised $1 million.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Brian Rose: How He REALLY Raised $1 Million

    Step 1: Create a name for your “team”

    Step 2: Create a cause against an enemy

    Step 3: Us versus them fight

    Step 4: His large following created social proof

    Step 5: Fear — Emotion — Motion

    Step 6: Create a movement

    Step 7: Immediate urgency

    Step 8: Polarizing scandal

    Step 9: Steady promotion and anticipation

    Step 10: Call to Action every single day

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    The HIDDEN Agenda Behind Plandemic Indoctorination

    So Brian Rose has gone even further down the rabbit hole, now pushing Plandemic. London Real is a company that allegedly wants to build a TRIBE: “Join a community of high-achievers on a mission to transform themselves and the world!” But what are they after really? Since Brian Rose loves “tracing the money”, what is Plandemic2 actually doing? Where are they getting their funding, and their money? A quick look at the sale at the end of the video might tell us, Brian Rose offers many ways to buy his courses… London Real Academy: BUSINESS ACCELERATOR: LIFE ACCELERATOR: BROADCAST YOURSELF: SPEAK TO INSPIRE:

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    London Real Update, Coffeezilla & Rebel Wisdom

    The channel Coffeezilla also covered the story.

    In the aftermath of the interview both Rebel Wisdom and Coffeezilla were contacted by multiple people with knowledge of the events, and have continued to research the background. Here we talk through our findings and what we understand of the backstory.

    Brian Rose has been contacted ten times now and asked for a response to the questions and allegations in these films, and has not responded.

    Source: Rebel Wisdom on YouTube

    Brian Rose (London Real) has some DIRTY SECRETS...

    In this video I will give you 5 reasons not to do the London Real Business accelerator: and I will bring a real life testimonial from a former student who will share her experience first hand. Brian Rose has been in the center of a huge civil liberties battle recently, so its time we take a look at his business more closely and perform a full London Real Business Accelerator Review for you guys.

    Source: Tom Nash on YouTube

    Brian's Mental Breakdown Reveals TRUE FACE (Deleted Instagram Post).

    Source: Tom Nash on YouTube

    The London Real Meltdown

    hopefully my last video on London Real. Go check out Rebel Wisdom! Our interview will be there.

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    Debunking EVERY Single David Icke Theory

    In this video I am going to fact check every single claim David Icke makes and give you my honest and non biased opinion about whow accurate or false his claim is.

    Source: Tom Nash on YouTube

    My take on London Real / David Icke Getting Banned

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    London Real is in BIG trouble 😢 needs help...

    Brian Rose of London Real is being censored and needs more money. Big tech is attacking him and the only defense is cold hard cash. 😘 just don’t read the terms and conditions please. 😘

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    The REAL reason why the David Icke interview was banned

    This is the real reason the David Icke interview with London Real was banned from YouTube. Why was the David Icke interview with Brian Rose from London Real removed and banned from YouTube? What is the REAL reason? In this video I will reveal the actual reason why the interview was banned, and its not what you think…

    Source: Tom Nash on YouTube

    Debunking David Icke's Crazy Coronavirus Conspiracy on London Real

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    the exact moment Brian Rose realizes he could scam you


    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    The King of Free Speech CENSORED Me!

    I may not agree with what you say about Brian Rose and London Real, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    Brian Rose: How He REALLY Raised $1 Million

    Brian Rose recently launched a fundraiser for his London Real Army and the donations began pouring in. $1 Million was raised. Here are the ten steps for how he really raised $1 million.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Brian Rose: How He REALLY Raised $1 Million Step

    1: Create a name for your “team” Step

    2: Create a cause against an enemy Step

    3: Us versus them fight Step

    4: His large following created social proof Step

    5: Fear — Emotion — Motion Step

    6: Create a movement Step

    7: Immediate urgency Step

    8: Polarizing scandal Step

    9: Steady promotion and anticipation Step

    10: Call to Action every single day

    Source: Spencer Cornelia on YouTube

    London Real Responded (I HEADFAKED HIM!)


    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    Brian Rose Running for Mayor of London? REACTION

    So there we have it, Brian “DID YOU DONATE” Rose is running for Mayor of London. And you can DONATE to fund his campaign, that’s a surprise. What happens to all this money raised by the London Real Army when Brian Rose DOESN’T become Mayor of London?

    Source: Mike Winnet on YouTube

    Brian Rose is Running for Mayor - I PREDICTED THIS!?

    ahahahahahahahahahaha brian rose thinks he’s going to be the next mayor of London. I break down why Mr. London Real -betchadidn’tdonate Rose is just grifting yet again, this time on a new topic. Politics.

    personally I think he’s going to fail, but we’ll have to see. He must be just enough of a sociopath to pull it off.

    Source: Coffeezilla on YouTube

    My London Real Interview

    Did you donate? As the amount of money Brian Rose and London Real received from their “Army” increased each week … the updates disappeared. It seems like even die-hard London Real fans had started to sense something wasn’t quite right. People started asking questions: Where was the freedom platform? What happened to my money? How can you fight for freedom of speech yet delete any comments asking legitimate questions? Why has the T&Cs of your “freedom” site look exactly like YouTube’s T&Cs? But that’s not the biggest question I have about the opportunistic and lucrative saga… No. Mine was… Why doesn’t Brian Rose have a REALITY TV SHOW? The guy is comedy gold!

    Source: Mike Winnet on YouTube

    London Real Banned Conspiracy Theory

    I like a good conspiracy theory – everybody knows that the Queen, Tupac and Elvis are shape shifting lizards that run a secret society and the mainstream media. It was those 3 that actually faked the moon-landings and blew up building 7 on 9/11. Probably. Only an idiot would doubt that theory, due to the overwhelming evidence out there on Reddit and a 3 minute YouTube video with spooky music and badly edited memes. As we’re on lockdown I’ve shaved my head, I’ve grown a beard and I’ve spent this time researching (basically watching YouTube) a lesser known, equally dangerous conspiracy from the comfort of my coronavirus-bunker. Yes, watching David Icke, Alex Jones and now … Brian Rose can really open your eyes. LinkedIn are trying to shut London Real down? Brian is motivated by “the truth” and “freedom of speech” is he? Luckily when his account disappeared he was directing EVERYONE to his own website, where you could sign up, to see his content that was trying to be “suppressed”. His only motivation is freedom of speech? Right. Or is this a great way to get the #LondonRealArmy to promote your content far and wide and get publicity? Is this REALLY just stage 1 of his sales/marketing funnel? Sign up (for free) to his website and you’re now on his marketing list, so he can start offering you his Academy and his passive income courses. There’s 2 adverts for the upsell on the sign up page. Convenient that, isn’t it? What’s great about this one is, he has got a #LondonRealWankers to BELIEVE the truth is being suppressed and Brian is a victim and he needs your help. Your help to fight for free speech? No. He needs YOUR help to create a buzz, share his message and drive new prospects and leads to his sales funnel. For the record. You can suspend your own LinkedIn profile in just 2 clicks … it’s easy. But giving this story a dark/sinister twist and making it look like you’re being censored and advertising for a part 3 of the interview on your own site is just clever marketing. This is the Brian Rose, David Icke, LinkedIn Banning Conspiracy Conspiracy … And it’s all just one crazy mans opinion. What’s yours?

    Source: Mike Winnet on YouTube

    A day after failing at getting a million people to watch David Icke's anti vaccine 5G nonsense Brian Rose is back to luring people into a shitcoin scam

    [Youtube video has been removed via a copyright strike by London Real.]

    Brian Rose claims he successfully got over a million people to watch his latest “interview” with David Icke, but numerous people including myself have recorded that the YouTube livestream was watched by less than 80,000 viewers before Rose set it to private and directed people to watch it from his website, which of course still isn’t the ‘blockchain platform’ he promised and raised funds for.
    Now he’s back to aggressively pushing Teeka Tiwari’s shitcoin schemes.
    Everything Rose does seems to be deliberately planned to extract the most amount of money he can while also causing the most amount of damage to the public that he can. His marketing has gotten so aggressively nasty and manipulative that even some conspiracy theorists are calling him an ‘agent of the elites’ and are making videos debunking his methods and checking his background.

    Source: PatrickBitmain on Reddit

    Scamming viewers for a free service of a Live Stream though Daily Motion

    eBegging and scamming scared and naive people regarding Covid19 and a service for a Freedom Platform that is already a free service.

    Source: JamesSmith333 on SCAMGUARD

    After Brian Rose raised 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' for a blockchain based censorship resistant Digital Freedom Platform he gave them videos uploaded on DailyMotion

    Brian Rose London Real Keeps Raising Donation Scam

    Brian Rose, who typically promotes cult members, conspiracy theorists, scammers and pseudoscience on his YouTube channel under the pretense of ‘I’m just asking questions man’, tried to run a pump and dump scheme with reknowned creepto scammer Teeka Tiwari. They dubbed ‘5 coins to 5 million dollars’ the ‘crypto event of the century’. The scheme went nowhere.

    Brian followed this up with an interview with his long time guest David Icke, one of the most virulent conspiracy theorists of the last 30 years who is chiefly responsible for the ‘reptilian theory’ even though it’s a plot stolen from V, Alien Nation and They Live. In the late 90s Icke added the plot of The Matrix to his conspiratorial world view and was embraced by the nascent alt-right, promoters and victims of millennial fever, and anti-Semites.

    Being ‘red pilled’ is now a term for someone who claims to be enlightened but has been brainwashed by David Icke’s business model.

    Some forum surfing and Wayback engine results show that David Icke became somewhat of a hero to bodybuilder Dorian Yates in the early 2000s.

    The following picture begins to form. Around 2011 Brian Rose met Dorian Yates for one of London Real’s early interviews. They struck up a friendship after that and frequently met, traveled and exercised together. Dorian spoke about his use of DMT (a drug derived from ayahuasca) and how God spoke to him and woke him up from the sheeple reality.

    Dorian would rant online that the world is an illusion, that lizards are in control, that David Icke’s critics were brainwashed by the lizards, that the gas chambers and ovens of Auschwitz didn’t exist (in an interview he states the Jewish prisoners played sports) and that Arnold Schwarzenegger sold himself out to the Illuminati.

    Dorian’s wife was also a full on promoter conspiracy theories like ‘Bill Gates is evil because he wants to vaccinate us’ (vaccines bad, but steroids and plastic tits good) and has lately promoted the Ickean idea that the coronavirus is being overhyped or may not exist, it’s a scam to control us, and that 5G technologies are being used to spread the virus (contradictory conspiracy theories).

    Following his good friend Dorian’s lead, Brian began to experiment with ayahuasca ceremonies at a retreat. He began to feature David Icke (as well as history revisionists like Graham Hancock) across his social media channels, each time allowing Icke to push more and more ridiculous theories (which Icke calls facts) without properly and critically scrutinizing Icke.

    After the failure of Teeka Tiwari’s creepto scheme and publishing the David Icke interview, Youtubers began to report Brian’s content to the British regulator Ofcom. Brian claims, without evidence, that his interview with Icke was censored by the regulator and Silicon Valley giants even though clips of many of his interviews with Icke exist across all his social media channels.

    Brian went further, claiming his accounts were deleted from LinkedIn and Dropbox and that the Silicon Valley giants were trying to censor free speech. He brought in the help of Alex Jones to help him push this narrative and then asked the public to help him raise $100,000…..changed to $200,000….and then $500,000 to build an uncensorable ‘Digital Free Speech Platform’ based on “blockchain technology”.

    Currently Brian states he is halfway to his $500,000 goal. How he thinks ‘blockchain’ will allow free speech is unknown. A blockchain is just a decentralized database. He would need people far and wide to maintain the databases, he would need to upload the videos to remote servers out of the reach of regulators, his web server would also need to be out of reach but his domain can still be seized or blocked if he posts unquestioning and questionably extreme content. And as long as he is physically within reach of regulators, he can still be fined or arrested if it can be proven that his hostile messaging causes violence (4G and 5G masts have been attacked following the David Icke interviews).

    But maybe Brian doesn’t care how blockchain works. Maybe there won’t be a blockchain. He might just want that free money to buy stocks. He has been outed as a scammer for several years and luckily wasn’t killed by people offering hitman services to Joey Diaz.

    Source: PatrickBitmain on Reddit

    After Brian Rose raised 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' for a blockchain based censorship resistant "Digital Freedom Platform" he gave them videos uploaded on DailyMotion


    After throwing their life savings at Brian so they can get censorship free conspiracy content from the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones, creeptards and Nazis are raging at Brian for not delivering as promised. They’re accusing him of not only scamming them but being part of the ‘deep state’.

    And now he’s brought in an extra discredited conspiracy theorist quack Dr Rashid Buttar to push more anti-vax and 5G conspiracies.

    Don’t his sheep followers know that they can report him for misleading them and get him in serious legal trouble?

    Source: PatrickBitmain on Reddit


    Source: Life of Greatness on Youtube


    London Real and Brian Rose manipulate YouTube’s content ID copyright protection tools to have videos removed. Below are videos that Brian Rose and London Real have had removed in an attempt to protect their ‘reputation’.

    London Real Exposed // Brian Rose Digital Freedom Platform $1M SCAM

    Source: Edward Grant on YouTube

    The LIES of Brian

    In this video I want to take a serious look at Brian Rose and his media company, London Real. Recently, Brian started a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a new streaming platform which he called: “The Digital Freedom Platform”. In the process, he raised over 1 million dollars for the platform but he kept raising the amount required, which still remains open to date. In this video I will discuss the things Brian Rose has said and will confront these things with the objective reality.

    Source: Tom Nash on Youtube

    VICE is TERRIBLE (According to Brian Rose) - Who Won?

    Source: Tom Nash on Youtube