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London Real and Brian Rose's reputation, history and public records

Companies House Show London Real Debt

In the United Kingdom, certain documents have to be made public about any company by law. These documents include tax returns, the company’s profits, losses and names of those registered as ‘directors’. London Real’s legal business name is ‘Longstem Limited’.

london real brian rose longstem tax exemption

According to tax exemption  forms submitted by Brian Rose of Longstem Limited, trading as London Real on the 31st of December 2019, the company owed £642,212 ($871,289USD) to creditors in 2018 and £427k ($582kUSD) in 2017.

Source: Companies House (UK Government body)

WikiLeaks Reveal Brian Rose Past

In 2013, WikiLeaks published over five million emails from the ‘confidential intelligence service’ Straffor. The email exchange regards Brian Rose inquiring about Straffor’s podcast, while he worked at ICAP in 2013. A company famed for fraudulent behaviour in 2013.


Source: WikiLeaks